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Aida Bakri

ADS Insight

Global citizen, social entrepreneur & co-Founder of ADS Insight

Aida is one of three original founders of ADS Insight in 2001, the A in ADS.

With a background in biology and chemistry and a Master’s degree in environmental technology and management, Aida combines her scientific proficiency with 20 years’ experience in the EU legislative domain.

In addition to managing the company, Aida is solidly involved in all policy areas that ADS Insight covers. These include environment and climate, transport and energy, education, health and food safety, and sustainability issues as well as EU development cooperation. She is also the Director of the ESWI Secretariat provided by ADS Insight.

Being Swiss and Ethiopian and having grown up in six different countries, Aida continues to thrive in an international environment. She has lived in Brussels for 25 years and says she is finally getting used to the weather. In addition to English, she speaks French and (Swiss) German, and has good notions of Dutch and Swedish.